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Added 2009-03-25 Good Rating 52.8%

Natalya Is The Slutty Ex Wife Of An American Soldier Sent To Iraq. She Cheated On Him While He Was Gone And This Is His Revenge.


Added 2009-03-25 Good Rating 51.8%

Pam's Got Typical Mom Teardrop Tits. They're Still Nice But They Look Like They May Have Been Spectacular Back In The Day.


Added 2009-03-25 Good Rating 52.3%

This Mom Is Still In Great Shape. Susan's Husband Says She Stays In Shape By Doing Yoga. That Ass Would Look Great In Yoga Pants.


Added 2009-03-24 Good Rating 54.2%

Redhead Slut Janice Is A Total Slob But She's Happy As Long As She's Got Something Hard In Her Pussy.


Added 2009-03-24 Good Rating 53.6%

When Wanda's Not Busy Cooking Dinner Or Playing With Stuffed Animals, She's Stuffing Her Man's Dick In Her Mouth With Enthusiasm.


Added 2009-03-24 Good Rating 53.2%

These Swingers Know They're Hot And They're Not Afraid To Get Slutty. This Night Ended In Some Hot Threesome Action.


Added 2009-03-24 Good Rating 52.4%

Spanish Mom Malena Has A Delicious Body And A Lovely Face. She Looks Especially Great With Her Long Olive Legs Spread Wide.


Added 2009-03-23 Good Rating 52.5%

Rhiannon Likes To Do Everything Naked. But Strangely The Only Thing She Seems To Like To Do Clothed Is Bathe!


Added 2009-03-23 Good Rating 52.4%

Maren Does Public Nudity In Downtown Copenhagen In Broad Daylight Like It's An Everyday Mundane Chore. She's My Hero.

Latina Fucked

Added 2009-03-23 Good Rating 51%

This Hot Latina Ex Wife Has Got A Fantastic Body. Her Ex Says He Was Hate Fucking The Shit Out Of Her In These Photos.

Blonde Banana

Added 2009-03-23 Good Rating 50.3%

This Horny Blonde Slut's Weapon Of Choice...the Banana. Some Day That Pussy Of Hers Will Get What's Coming To It.


Added 2009-03-22 Good Rating 55.6%

Eleanor's A Brit From Leeds With An Air Of Sophistication. This Brunette Ex Wife Has Got A Great Body And A Pretty Face.


Added 2009-03-22 Good Rating 53.5%

Another Pregnant Set, This Time Of Lovely Monique. Check Out Those Big Dark Nipples. Don't You Want To Just Pinch 'em?


Added 2009-03-22 Good Rating 53%

Macy's Definitely A Milf. This Brunette Has Got Nice Perky Tits And A Great Smile For You To Blow Your Load All Over.


Added 2009-03-22 Good Rating 52%

Nico's The Type Of Young Wife Who'll Never Let You Get Bored Of Your Sex Life. This Swinger Knows How To Spice Things Up!

Hot Redhead

Added 2009-03-21 Good Rating 54.1%

This Redheaded Mom Is Fucking Hot! She's Got A Great Set Of Tits And She Shaved Up That Fire Crotch Nicely. Thanks Hun!


Added 2009-03-21 Good Rating 53.8%

Misty's A Hot Redheaded 30-something Who Has Learned How To Please Her Man. Jon Says She Lets Him Shoot Her Hoop Regularly.


Added 2009-03-21 Good Rating 52.7%

Romina's A Gorgeous Self-submitted Mom From Madrid. She's Got Incredible Legs. Thanks Romina, Please Send Us More!


Added 2009-03-21 Good Rating 51.8%

This Piece Of Mature Korean Ass Is Ready And Waiting For You To Stuff Her Tiny Asian Box Full Of White Meat.

Latina Gangbang

Added 2009-03-20 Good Rating 54.9%

This Latina Slut Is All About Getting Gang Banged. She Seems To Be Enjoying Herself And So Do Those Dudes.


Added 2009-03-20 Good Rating 53.9%

Martin Says That His Wife And Young Mom Sheila Is Still Trying To Get Back In Shape After Her Pregnancy. I'd Say She Looks Great!


Added 2009-03-20 Good Rating 52.9%

Josee Is The French Canadian Girl Next Door. You Know You'd Love To Fuck Her Just To Hear Her Say Dirty Shit In French.


Added 2009-03-20 Good Rating 50.8%

This Hirsute Hottie Is On A Mission For Cock. She Needs To Get Her Slutty Holes Filled With Dick Right Away.


Added 2009-03-19 Good Rating 53.9%

Some Nicely Shots Of Karl's Wife Angela Heavily Pregnant. You Can Tell She Just Wants To Get That Muff Pounded.


Added 2009-03-19 Good Rating 52.7%

This Blonde Mom Is A Bit Of A Mess. Personally I Don't Mind A Few Freckles, But This Broad Is Covered In Them!


Added 2009-03-19 Good Rating 52.3%

Some Nice Outdoor Shots Of Barb, A Mother Of Two From Dallas. She's Still Got A Pretty Good Figure For Her Years.


Added 2009-03-19 Good Rating 51.6%

Rachael Is A Young Blonde Wife Who Lives Near Philly. Her Husband Says She's Only Gotten Hornier Since They Got Married Last Year.


Added 2009-03-18 Good Rating 54.4%

Sonia's A Hot Brunette From Seattle With Beautiful Green Eyes And Perky Nipples. Some Nice Pregnant Pics Included Here.

Xmas Gift

Added 2009-03-18 Good Rating 53.4%

This Milf Is From Topeka And She Loves Flaunting Her Bikini Body By The Pool. She's Also Got An Xmas Outfit You're Sure To Love.


Added 2009-03-18 Good Rating 51.3%

Sharon's A Playful Blonde From Australia. Apparently She Doesn't Go Down Much Cuz She Needed To Call A Friend For Directions!


Added 2009-03-18 Good Rating 50.5%

Didrika's A Young Wife From Holland With A Kitschy Side. From Her Leopard Print Thing To Her Camo Skirt, She's Got Her Own Style.

Chubby BJ

Added 2009-03-17 Good Rating 51.6%

By The Way This Chubby Wife Is Licking Her Husband's Dick You'd Think She Mistook It For An Ice Cream Cone.

Larry's Wife

Added 2009-03-17 Good Rating 50.8%

Some Nice Shots Of Larry's Comely Old Lady Outside Tanning And Inside Getting Her Meathole Slammed Properly.


Added 2009-03-17 Good Rating 50.1%

Carol's Sure Got One Hairy Snapper, But I Can't Criticize Because She's Clearly Game For Anything. What A Freak!


Added 2009-03-17 Bad Rating 48.1%

Nadine's A Midwestern Gal Who's Squeezed Out Five Kids In Her Day. In This Set She Squeezes Her Hubby's Big Cock Into Her Mouth.


Added 2009-03-16 Good Rating 54.2%

Chantal Has Obviously Got A Couple Of Valuable Assets. I'd Like To Hose Those Puppies Down With A Fat Load Of Nut Butter.

Tattooed Judo Chick

Added 2009-03-16 Good Rating 52.8%

This Tattooed Beauty Is One Tough Broad. The Submitter Claims She's A National Judo Champion. She's Snap You In Half!


Added 2009-03-16 Good Rating 52.8%

This Dude Says His Wife Frances Loves It In The Brown. Now I'd Say That's A Main Ingredient In A Happy Marriage.

Object Insertion

Added 2009-03-16 Good Rating 52.2%

This Brunette Wants To Remain Anonymous. I Don't Really Blame Her. Who Wants To Be Known As The Slut With A Table Leg In Her Cunt?

Fat Cunt

Added 2009-03-15 Good Rating 52.3%

This One's Strictly For The Chubby Chasers. I Don't Know If He Tied Her Up To Fuck Her Or To Keep Her From Eating More Cookies!

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